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At the Rutgers Center for Pharmacoepidemiology and Treatment Science (PETS), we take pride in being leaders in research, education, and service. Our mandate is to advance the field of pharmacoepidemiology and related fields through world-class research and training.

The foundation of PETS is built upon multiple ingredients that make up our core values. As a diverse unit, reflective of Rutgers University’s own values, we strive to reflect: scholarship, integrity, collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and respect.

As a progressive research center, PETS excels due to the shared sense of ownership of both faculty and staff. All members of the center work hand in hand to collectively support the PETS mission.

Rutgers is an institution marked by a rich history, tradition, and pride. As we advance the mission of PETS and the university, we will look to reinforce these values in all of our daily operations including research, training, and mentorship.