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Deep S Shah

Present Trainees


Deep Shah is a committed medical professional dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and healing. Armed with an MBBS from North Gujarat University in India and certified as a physician, he’s now broadening his expertise through a master’s in Pharmacoepidemiology at the School of Public Health, Rutgers, with a keen eye on specializing in clinical Pharmacology.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Deep finds joy in the culinary arts, experimenting with international cuisines alongside his expertise in Indian cooking. Nature is his refuge, often seeking solace in hiking trails and moments of contemplation amidst wooded landscapes. Deep’s intellectual curiosity extends to his love for Sufi poetry, drawing inspiration from Rumi’s profound words, “What you seek is seeking you.”

Deep has a substantial research background in pharmaceutical chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology, contributing to multiple publications. Currently collaborating with Dr. Daniel Horton and his NIH study team, Deep concentrates on the intersection of Clinical Pharmacology, Regulatory Affairs, and Clinical Trials. This dynamic field drives his passion for advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care.